I can’t believe how time gets away from you. Its feast or famine. Either I have nothing to write about or I’m too busy to write. I have recently directed two projects, both of which were rather successful. The first was the reading of Legend of the Killer Sheep which I have mentioned before. The process was very fun and I had a really great cast. The entire rehearsal process was at a music venue, which was a different experience. The group was very collaborative so we made a lot of great revisions as we went. Thanks to a lot to a number of my friends for coming out! I think that for a reading it was very successful. It became very clear what was working, what wasn’t and what the next steps in development would be. Actually, I think one of the biggest steps will not be an artistic one – it will be figuring out the audience and marketing to them. It’s certainly a niche musical.

Two days later I directed another piece with the Dare Project. Its always a pleasure. This piece was written by Chris Catalano and was a very dark comedy. It was a lot of fun to work on! I think that all in all it was one of the best nights I’ve seen. Every piece was really strong. The also unveiled their plan to write a full-length piece. Frankly I think it was a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to watching it develop in true Dare fashion.

After the tryptophan of my first vegan Thanksgiving wore off (I promise, you really wouldn’t even notice.) I had an incredibly productive weekend (this blog is proof!!!) I have finished preparation for Choral Chameleon’s concert Summoning Light. The running order is set, and I’m pretty proud of the program. I’ve scheduled time with the actors to work on the poems, and I begin work with the singers next week. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll get better with the writing, I promise…

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