Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is finding this time around the sun to be an exciting one. It certainly has been for me. Some big changes already that have definitely caused me to live up to my theme of “Courage”, both personal and professional. More details coming soon, but at this rate, I won’t even recognize myself by 2013.

The next project is coming up. It is a piece called Playboy, based on Synge’s Playboy of the Western World. It is the story of the nerdy everyman who gets himself a reputation for something for which he (or anyone really) would rather not be getting attention. All for the love of a woman… who is kind of nasty. It was written by an SU grad from a while back, Jack Gilhooley, who has had a number of plays workshopped in the city. I met him through my associate Katie Zaffrann (www.katiezaffrann.com) who was doing a show down there. Funny enough, he had actually seen another fellow SU alum from my time there, and we have asked him to be in the reading as well! I’m looking forward to working with some new friends as well as the old. Two readings on January 20 and 21. Check out the homepage for more details.

I have also been invited to be a guest blogger for The RSVP Revolution. This is a business being created by my friend Shelleen Kostabi and some of her associates to create a holistic wellness regimen. It is so clear that fitness is more than just the body. It seems that they are also looking to really create a niche for themselves and identify their target markets. I will be writing for Theater Thursdays. Guess what their target market is? Now I have to figure out what the hell I am going to talk about. More universal topics than my narcissistic ramblings here! Check them out at thersvprev.com.

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