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The State of the Art(ist) in  2012

The “Out with the Old” Cliché

We’re still early in the year right? So I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and start it all off by
talking about new beginnings, resolutions, hopes for the future, that sort of thing. Maybe I was just paying attention a little bit more this year or maybe it was actually true – but I was bowled over by how many people said to me (with the slightest hint of a drunken slur) “2011 sucked. I’m sooo looking forward to 2012!” I suppose I’m lucky in the fact that 2011 wasn’t an overwhelming
suck-fest for me, but I too found myself turning my sights very hopefully towards 2012. I have made a decision that this is going to be an utterly not-sucky year.

Resolutions vs. THEME

 I am always hesitant to make resolutions or sweeping declarations for the coming year. They become so difficult to live up to. Instead, I opt to choose a THEMEfor the year –a phrase or idea that can serve as a touchstone for me as I approach the inevitable challenges that I
will face in the 366 days ahead. My themefor this year is COURAGE.

Now why would I need COURAGE?
Why on Earth Am I Doing This?!?!

 Just In case you missed the bio, I’m a theater director. I’m coming on my 30th birthday. I’m from Rochester, NY, graduated from Syracuse University and I’ve been living in New York City for
nearly a decade. At heart, I think I’m the outskirts of a small city, house with a yard and an attempt at a garden kind of guy. So why am I living here? Living in a small bedroom apartment paying crazy rent (which others would say is really cheap which is even MORE crazy), riding terribly packed trains and having that occasional war or words with the cab driver who you don’t understand one bit. Why??? Because I am an artist and like it or not NYC is a pretty damn great place to be one. And I do actually like my apartment.

Ok, Now the Sweeping Resolution 

I’m not the first to discover that life – in addition to inspiring art can also be a major hurdle in
actually making it. It simply gets in the way. No money, no time, no rehearsal space, no piece, the list goes on forever. But I already made the declaration about unsucky ’12. So I say it again, this time with feeling – This will be the year that I will face those troubles head on and be the artist I want to be!!!

Backpedal? No Way!

I put that out there. I feel rather vulnerable. Am I yet again setting myself up for a publicly
embarrassing failure? Maybe, I’ll let you know. But in the meantime, I have two strategies that will help me see that it doesn’t. Maybe it well help you too. The first of course is my theme. When choices come my way, I ask myself: “is this the decision a COURAGEOUS artist would make?”
You’d be surprised how often once you simply decide to ask the question that it bubbles up in your memory at an opportune moment.

The second tool is actually very much in tune with the mission of RSVP and the Days of the Week Blog. They endeavor to offer an holistic approach to wellness. I marvel when I meet people who are unhealthy, is always broke (but can find money to go out for drinks) seem to invite drama into their lives with open arms, yet balk at the mere idea that all of these issues may be somehow related. I can’t believe that. As much as we compartmentalize our lives – it simply can’t be done. How much I drink the night before effects my workout which effects me going into the work with the right attitude which effects the work itself. Start the circle wherever you want, but in the end its all connected.

The Challenge

 Can’t have an inspirational New Year blog without one of these! This year I am going to take care of my holistic artist. How does what I eat reflect who I am as an COURAGEOUS artist? How does what I spend my money on reflect who I am as an COURAGEOUS artist? These are the “resolutions” I am putting into practice this year. These aren’t lofty goals that leave me disappointed and on a course for failure.Rather, it is a line of questioning, suggestions that ultimately lead me in the direction I want to go. Because I for one am here to be an artist. So everyone…I leave you with this challenge – choose your Holistic Theme for 2012! Apply it to your daily life. See what amazing changes happen with just asking the one simple question – is what I’m doing in sync with who I’m looking to be this year? And please, share it with us! Who will I wish you the COURAGE to make big changes in 2012!

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