It has been a big few months for Syracuse grads. A number of Broadway roles, starring roles. How proud I am to have be in a community with them. I was going to write a blog about Bonnie & Clyde, but now its rather moot. In short, I liked it. It wasn’t perfect, but I had a good time. In all fairness, many people I talked to disagreed with me - so between that and the critics, the show didn’t stand much of a chance.  Congratulations to Marissa McGowan (SU grad) for what I thought was one of the most outstanding featured roles. I did not get a chance to see Lysistrata Jones, but the reviews were pretty universally positive but didn’t get the audience. Nonetheless, Patti Murin is on the map again with fantastic reviews, congratulations. And an extra special fan shout out to Jessie Mueller for her role and great review from Ben Brantley and fans. That one I have to see.
1/11/2012 23:02:11

You went to Syracuse?


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